Google Photos, a heavenly platform to automatically upload, backup and view your photos, images and videos. It has been one of the most renowned cloud backup due to it's simplicity and with the app being pre-installed on many, many devices. 

However, sometimes you might have another cloud platform to backup content like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox etc. and you might want to backup and transfer your images to such platform. In this case, you're at the right place to know how to exactly transfer you data to these platforms, easily without any hassle. Please read the whole article and share with you friends, family, facebook, twitter to support us. :)

Why stop using Google Photos ? 

Google has already announced that it will stop offering free unlimited storage for Google Photos. People will have to purchase Google One Plus plans for storage ranging from 100GB to 2TB above the free 15GB limit of every google account. Hence, bye-bye to simply setting up Google Photos and forgetting about it. Now after the last date, the maximum storage for Google Photos will be 15GB.

Export Google Photos Data ?

With the discontinuation of free Unlimited Google Photos Storage, you might want to switch to cloud platforms other than google because of some reasons. Thus, it becomes a crucial question, how to export Google Photos Data, hassle free. Of course, downloading all the images, videos and albums manually will be cumbersome and messy method to deal with this problem. Hence, we will use Google's export function.

Where to Export Google Photos Data?

It is crucial to mention that currently Google only allows users to export data to OneDrive, Box and Dropbox. Thus, you can directly transfer you data to these cloud platforms. To export to other cloud storage services, you will have to manually export, download and upload the data backup which might not be that clean.

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How To Export Google Photos Data ?

Now, we will look into the step-by-step guide to know how to exactly export data of Google Photos to OneDrive, Box, Dropbox.

1. Visit using any browser and login with the Google Account synced with Google photos.

2. Once the page is initialized, click on "Deselect All" button on the top.

3. Scroll down and check the Google Photos checkbox.

4. You'll have the option to either choose to transfer all the Google Photos album to another cloud service or choose specific folders you want.

5. After this, scroll down and click on the Next Step button.

6. Under "Delivery Method" Tab, select either of the following ~

  • Add to Dropbox
  • Add to OneDrive
  • Add to Box
  • Add to Drive

7. Select frequency as Export Once, choose the File type as .zip and the size for each zip file.

8. Click on "Link Account and create Export" button.

9. You will be then redirected to the specified cloud service platform. Login and allow all the necessary permissions. The Google Photos data export will begin.

With this done, you can simply lay back and let Google work. After the export is done, you can find your data in the "Google" folder in your respective cloud storage platform.

Conclusion ~

With this done, you can export your Google photos data to any of these cloud storage services this easily. If you want to download your data, simply choose the "Send download link via email" option under Delivery Method tab. This way, you'll have a local backup for your data as well. Well, if this was helpful to you, please share with your friends and leave a comment below!

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