Your Android phone stores a lot of your important and critical data. Amongst it, there are several personal photographs, files, information that you do not wish to let people see. You do let people like your friends, colleagues, family to sometimes use your phones for certain purposes.

Why Hide files / folders on android ?

Privacy and security is hence extremely important for yourself. You never know when you'll have to lend your phone to someone and if the actually see your personal photos / critical data, it'll be very emabarrassing. Thus, it is better to hide or password protect such information beforehand.

In this tutorial, we will have a look at how to hide certain folders without using any kind of 3rd party apps or weird gizmos.

Hide files on Android Without using any apps :

Here, we'll take a look at 2 different methods describing how to hide files / folders / images on your android phone.

Method 1 ~ Create a hidden folder 

Inside the Android architecture, there already is a system to hide certain folders that are related to core operations and should not be messed with. Here, we'll use one such method to move our private files/photos in a new folder and hide the folder itself. You will need a File Manager on your Android device.

1. Open the File Manager. It will by default, open in the root directory.

2. Create a new folder and name it "Private".

3. Move all your private files / photos / media in this folder.

4. Go back to the root directory and rename the "Private" folder to ".Private" by adding a dot (.) at the beginning.

5. Confirm the name and restart your mobile device.

6. And, voila! This folder will be hidden from Android's usual operations.

7. To view the hidden folder, 

  1. Go back to the File Manager.
  2. Find Settings.
  3. There will be an option to "Show Hidden Files". Check it.
  4. With this, you can again access the folder. If the option was already checked by default, unchecking it will hide it again.

With this, you can hide your photos, files, apks, txts in this folder and Android will basically ignore it completely and hence, the gallery or apps will not be able to access it either.

Method 2 ~ Hide Photos in Existing Folder

Sometimes, you want to hide your photos from the gallery but cannot hide the folder itself from Android. For example, you want to hide all your WhatsApp media files but cannot hide the WhatsApp Media folder itself. In this case, we will follow this method to hide the media from the gallery.

1. Open the File Manager.

2. Go to the folder where your photos / videos are .

3. Move all your other media in this folder.

4. In this folder, create a new file and name it ".nomedia".

5. Confirm the name and restart your mobile device.

6. And, voila! Android will ignore this folder's media in it's usual operations and this folder's media will not be available in gallery.

Thus, in this way you can hide your photos and videos from the gallery but still let the folder exist. If you want to unhide your files, simply rename the ".nomedia" file to something else or delete it altogether.

Conclusion ~ 

Thus, these two are the easiest methods to hide any kind of files / folders / photos / apks / videos on your Android Device. Privacy is indeed something which must be respected and implemented to prevent awkward situations. If you have any kind of problems, please leave a comment below and we'll sort it out together. Also, do check out our post on How to Stop or Deactivate Coronavirus callertune.


Q. Does this method require 3rd party apps?
No, this method does not require ANY apps. We use Android system behavior itself.

Q. How to hide videos from gallery?
Using Method 2, you can hide both videos and photos from the gallery without  deleting them.

Q. I tried both methods but neither of them worked.
Both methods work perfectly fine. If you're having issues it's probably because you made a mistake. Either try again and restart your device or follow the methods again.

Q. Does this method work on iOS too?
Nope, for iOS, we will upload another method soon.

Q. Can it hide files as well?
Yes, using method 1 you can hide anything on your android device.

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