Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, Zoom has become a frequently used household name. Being one of the most easiest and popular applications to host meetings online, zoom has virtually been used by a HUGE amount of users. After being criticized for privacy and security compromises, zoom has rolled out many new features. Amongst these new features, Zoom Record meeting has been of the more useful features.

How does Zoom Record Meeting feature work?

In a usual meeting of host and attendees on zoom, you have the option of recording the zoom
meeting at the top right corner of the zoom interface based on the meeting settings. Using this option allows you to directly record the meeting and save it on your desktop.

This feature is amazingly popular amongst people because of the ability to reference to these meetings in the future using the zoom recordings. Of course, sometimes the host doesn't want to allow people to record the meeting but you need a copy.

Why not use Zoom Record Meeting feature directly?

However, zoom also gives the option to host the meeting restricting the attendees to record the meeting. This becomes troublesome as you cannot have a recording of the meeting for future references easily. 

Thus, we have figured out a workaround this restriction to record the meeting, even without the host permission! This method works and has been tested on Android devices.


How to record Zoom Meeting without host permission ?

To record Zoom Meeting without using the zoom interface, you need a third party screen recording application. We recommend using the Mobizen Pro application, with premium features unlocked. For this tutorial, we shall be using Mobizen mod apk.

  1. If you have Mobizen app installed in your mobile device, uninstall it.
  2. Download the Mobizen pro apk from the link given below.
  3. Go to Settings on your Android device. {If your have “Install from unknown sources” settings enabled, skip to step 7}
  4. Here click on the option named Security.
  5. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  6. Turn ON the Install from Unkown Sources.
  7. Go ahead and install the apk you have downloaded.
  8. After opening the app, click on the circle and tap "Record"
  9. Now, you can edit the settings on the app according to your preferences.
  10. Open Zoom and join the meeting you wish to record.
  11. Once joined, Start the recording and stop it once you're done. 

Henceforth, The Recorded Zoom meeting will be present in your Gallery!

Note: You must open the Mobizen app and start recording BEFORE opening zoom app. If you do not do it in this order, things might not go according to expectations. Also, it is recommended that you first perform a dummy recording to get used to the features and the technique. 

Download ~

Please refer to the FAQs section before proceeding.


You have to wait 25 seconds.

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FAQs ~

Q. Unable to install the app?
~ 1. Make sure you've uninstalled the original app before trying to reinstall the app.
   2. Try cleaning cache, restarting the device and reinstalling.

Q. Unable to record the meeting.
~ Make sure you've followed all the steps. Do mind the NOTE mentioned above!

Q. It doesn't record according to expectations.
~ The recording made is possible to be exact same as the one recorded by the official Zoom App. If you're having issues, try recording on a dummy meeting and set the settings according to your preferences.


  1. Bro how to do this dummy meeting?

  2. Dummy meeting refers to a meeting you do to just, like work things out. You can make a meeting link with one device and send the link to your main device. Using the dummy meeting, you can record it and view it to make sure things work like they are supposed to.

  3. haha!everybody knows this but i have a question, have you purchased this domain from blogger i mean google domains ?

    1. From blogger, you can only get a domain. Our domain has been purchased from a 3rd party provider and integrated with Blogger.


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