Why CoronaVirus Caller tune?

When the World Health Organisation officially declared CoronaVirus as a global pandemic, various ingenious methods have been adapted by various countries to spread awareness about precaution againt Covid-19. As an attempt, India has introduced a pre-call announcement about Coronavirus Caller tune.

India has made significant efforts in the attempt to spread awareness about the precautions, dangers about the Covid-19 disease. One of these awareness drives constitute a 30 second pre-call Caller Tune to spread a sense of awareness. This is an on-going campaign therefore taken up by almost all telecom companies like Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance etc.

This method has brought about a huge impact on the awareness status however , it can become annoying if you’re a person who often has to deal on mobiles calls. Especially, in emergency cases.

What is CoronaVirus Caller tune?

CoronaVirus Caller Tune 1.0

Initially, the campaign of having a 30 second pre-call announcement before call was launched during the first phase of lockdown in India. It started with a loud COUGH, eventually telling the dangers and precautions against Covid-19. Subsequently, all major telecom companies accepted and applied this pre-call awareness concept.

CoronaVirus Caller Tune 2.0

During the second phase of Lockdown, the caller tune was changed to urge people to follow the lockdown rules, avoid leaving their homes, taking precautionary measures for personal hygiene and likewise.

Why remove Coronavirus Caller tune?

Although this campaign was a big success in creating a sense of awareness, it also caused a large uproar among telecom users as they had to bear the onslaught of the same message, each time they make a call. This can become a hindrance if you’re a person who does their business on calls, or are a person who has to make frequent calls.Although there is no way currently to completely get rid of the caller tune, you can use several workarounds to skip this caller tune and get to ringing the person directly. We’d suggest you to listen to these precautionary advices and follow the norms religiously. Please don’t skip these announcements unless it’s of extreme urgence.

How to Stop / Remove CoronaVirus caller tune?

There are several ways to skip this announcement but they depend upon your telecom provider. Try out the following method and see which one works for you!

Method 1 :

Remove Caller tune for most telecom companies

Follow these steps, you would be able to skip the caller tune. 

  1. Dial the number from your contact list.
  2. The Corona Caller Tune will start instantly after dialing.
  3. As soon as the message begins, Press 1 or # from Keypad.
  4. This must be done instantly, within a second as the caller tune begins. You may have to press the key multiple times sometimes.
  5. The Corona Caller Tune will stop playing and you’ll be hearing the normal caller tune/ ringing sound.

 Note: Working in Airtel & Vodafone Idea networks. Meanwhile, In Reliance Jio & BSNL Corona Caller tune continues till recipient pick up the call.

Method 2 :

Remove CoronaVirus Caller tune for Airtel Users :

For Airtel Users, Dial *646*224# and press 1 to Deactivate.

Method 3 :

Remove CoronaVirus Caller tune for Reliance Jio Users :

In Reliance Jio, the announcement message starts as the caller tune while ringing the person and continues till the recipient accepts or declines the call, henceforth saving those extra 30 Seconds!

You can also try out this method to disable the caller tune –

Send “STOP” to 155223 if using Jio to remove Corona caller tune.

Method 4:

If you’re unable to disable the caller tune using any of the above methods, you should call the service centre for your respective telecom provider, explain the issue and ask them to disable the caller tune. They should be able to remove the caller tune for you.

Some Precautionary methods against CoronaVirus :

  • Avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth frequently.
  • If someone has cough or fever, maintain as much distance as possible from them.
  • Always protect your face with a mask or handkerchief, especially while sneezing, coughing or yawning.
  • Regularly clean your hands with soap or sanitizers.
  • Respect the Lockdown norms.
  • Behave respectfully with the corona soldiers, i.e our doctors, nurses, police etc.


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